Bubble bags in Business & Industrial Packing and Shipping Supplies

Bubble pouch bags are self-sealing bags made at the lightest weight available to save enough postage while keeping your item secure. Tough, tear-proof, Water-resistant protects delicate products. Made with small 10mm bubble wraps.

• Pressure Sensitive Self-Seal – Eases in packing, tamper-evident, and super secure closure.

Bubble Pouch Bag Features Quick Overview

• Diameter of Bubble – 10mm, 2/5″ approx.

• Item Packaging – Carton packaging for protecting it from being damaged.

• High Shock Resistance – Ideal Lightweight protection for your fragile items.

• Lightweight – Saving postage and reducing the cost of packing material.

• Flat Open Top: Easy in packing, using sealing adhesive / packing tape to seal.

• Good Clarity and Smooth Inner Surface – Contents can be easily identified and slide smoothly into pouch.

Bubble Pouch Bags -> 200pcs Bubble Pouch Bag 215X300mm Bubble Wrap Bags
Bubble Pouch Bag 215X300mm

  • Length: 300m
  • Height: 215mm
  • Size of Bubble: 10mm (P10)
  • Color : Light blue
  • Lightweight Protection
  • Seamless bottom for greater protection and greater strength
  • High-Slip AirCap cushioning material allows faster / easier product insertion.
  • 100% Brand New and 100% made from recycled content
  • Melbourne Stock / Fast Shipping

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