Best Precautions for Shipping Fragile Holiday Items

Pack each type of Christmas decoration with like items to prevent fragile ornaments from breaking and other types of décor from being tangled, lost or damaged. Smart storage and proper packing will keep all holiday décor in like-new condition.

tips-shipping-fragile-christmas-giftsTo ensure that your holiday decor arrives in the condition advertised in your website, please take the following precautions as you prepare to ship fragile Christmas holiday items:

  1. Choose a box big enough to contain the item and 2 inches of padding on each side.
  2. Wrap each item individually with padded material such as bubble wrap. Hollow items like vases or glasses should have packing material inside as well.
  3. If necessary, use a small amount of adhesive tape to keep the padding in place.
  4. Pad the bottom of the box with packing peanuts, newspaper, or plastic air cushions.
  5. Place the items in the box and add more packing material around the sides and over the top. If you’re packing multiple items, leave ample space and packaging between them to keep them from hitting each other or rubbing together.
  6. Close the cardboard box and shake it gently to make sure nothing shifts.
  7. Seal the top of the box and reinforce the seams and corners with packaging tape.
  8. Consider placing this box inside 2 more inches of padding and into another box for extra protection. Pad and seal as with the first box.
  9. Clearly A4 label the outer box as fragile.

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