Basic steps to stretch wrap a pallet

Pallet Wrapping – Shrink Wrap Solutions

Whether you’re simply looking for rolls of stretch film, or looking for Affordable Packing & Posting Supplies, we have a selection of shrink wrap and we can supply pallet wrap in both a black or clear film, these are sold in rolls of six.

The Black shrink wrap is perfect if you don’t want the contents on the pallet to be visible, where as you may prefer the clear pallet wrap as then the goods can be easily identified. The choice is yours!

In order to protect your packaging products we also stock and supply pallet top covers which are sold on a perforated roll with each roll containing 150 pallet top covers.
Pallet Wrap Australia
Stanley Packaging stock a range of products that can be used manually such as the pallet wrap dispenser which is a medium duty dispenser with a twist grip handle to assist with tension control. We also stock the handy wrap film and handy wrap dispensers which are perfect for smaller items.

At OZPacking we have something to cover all your packaging solutions and are one of the Australia Leading packaging suppliers. Shipping and handling accidents are dangerous and costly. Damaged loads due to product movement and shifting is frequent. Most of these accidents can be prevented if each palletized load was properly secured using stretch wrap. Before you ship a load, please make sure you follow these 7 basic steps to stretch wrap a pallet:

1. Tie end of stretch wrap around a pallet corner for an anchor.

2. Stretch wrap the pallet and bottom product at least two more times.

3. Grab a roll of stretch wrap or a stretch wrap tool.

4. Once you have reached the top of the load, layer the stretch film so that it pulls down on the product, reducing the chance of the load shifting.

5. Begin walking around the load and tightly securing the wrap across both the pallet and the load. Make sure the stretch wrap grasps the corners of the pallet. Wrap the bottom of the load three or more times.

6. Begin working your way back down the load, again overlapping each layer by 50%.

7. Cut the stretch wrap from the roll and secure it against the side of the load by pressing it firmly so that it will stick.