Advantages to using inflatable balloons for Inexpensive Packing

Void Fill is loose-fill packing material that is used to prevent damage to fragile objects during a move or shipping process. That is the empty space left in your shipping box that needs to be filled to keep the product from moving about during shipping.  There are many packaging supplies that can be used – bubble wrap, old newspaper, paper grocery bags, protective cushioning peanuts, and so forth.

The advantages to using inflatable balloons for packing

1.  They are colorful.  Your customer opens the shipping box to a joyful collection of colorful balloons.

2.   They weigh almost nothing.  On my digital postal scale a large balloon weighed .2 ounce.

3.   They take up a lot of empty space.  Wedge them in and they will hold your product safely and securely.

4.   Use a bicycle air pump if necessary.  Small balloons can be especially hard to inflate.

5.   They are easy to find and buy.  Dollar stores, grocery stores, OZPacking ebay store, big box retailers, toy stores, and party stores.   Small bags of balloons can be purchased for as little as $1.

6.  Sizes are available from small to large, and even the elongated versions, that will fit almost any need.  The balloons that are helium-safe are studier.