Adhesive Tape Uses and Everyday Frugal Tips

Labels – white masking tape is a good alternative to expensive labels. Just cut the desired amount, stick nit to your item and write on it using ballpoint pen. This is also good for the back of photographs where the ink can seep through if no label is used.

Animal hair collector – wrap tape around the fingers and rub hand over chair fabrics to collect loose pet hair.

Anti Frost – Cover the locks of car doors with masking tape to prevent the locks freezing. You can also do this before going through a car wash in winter.

Bicycle Safety – attach some reflective tape to the edges of bicycle pedals and on mudguards.

Court marker – Masking tape is a cheap alternative to paint to mark up temporary playing courts outside on tarmac, pavements or patios.

Comb Cleaner – use tape to clean hairs off by placing the tape along the comb and pulling off the stray hairs.

Castor cover – Wrap adhesive tape around castor wheels on the bottom of chairs and tables to prevent marking vinyl floors.

Nail Holder – When using a lot of small nails or pins for a job, place the nails on the masking tape and then roll them back up again on the reel. This makes them a lot easier to use and find.

Sign Letters – Coloured reflective tape can be used to construct lettering for yard sale signs. Tear off little bits at a time to make the words. Also good for temporary house numbers or missing car number plate numbers.

Wax Crayon preserver – wrap masking tape around children’s crayons to make them stronger and prevent breakage.

Linoleum Fix – Repair cracked linoleum with strips of clear tape and then coat it with several coats of clear varnish.

Glass protector – when needing to remove glass from a window frame to protect hands, place masking tap across the window in a criss-cross pattern. This will prevent the glass splintering off.