10mm Bubble Wrap vs 20mm Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap packaging is an extremely lightweight, durable packaging material that works well for wrapping items as well as filling the void in boxes. Bubble wrap absorbs shock to keep your fragile items safe. Its light weight also reduces shipping costs.

Bubble wraps comes in several different varieties. They usually vary in bubble size and barrier properties. Bubble packaging with small bubbles is generally used for small light items. Larger bubbles should be used with larger and heavier items. The most economical bubble packaging has relatively weak barriers, which means the air will leak out over a shorter period of time. Industrial bubble packaging usually has stronger barriers to make it last longer and ensure that the air will not seep out when subject to heavy forces.

As one Australia leading packaging products supplier, our online catalogue distinguishes between 10mm bubble wrap and 20mm bubble wrap. While a common assumption is usually that this refers to the thickness of the bubble wrap, it actually refers to the size of the the “bubble”.

Why should we care about different sized bubble wraps

BubblePack 375mm x 100m - 10mm
Most people will usually be happy enough with the 10mm bubble wrap, however there are times when it pays to understand when you may want to mix-and-match.

  • Smaller bubble wraps provide better protection for fragile and smaller items (but you may find yourself needing to use more bubble wrap in compensation). Check out our 10mm bubble wrap options.
  • Larger sized bubbles are the most economical (and are particularly useful for filling up boxes or taking up the maximum amount of space). They are also more likely to shield larger items from damage. Check out our 20mm bubble wrap options.

A combination of the two different sized bubbles can also provide the best protection (with an initial thin layer for protection, and an outer thick layer to fill in the rest of the space) .


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Some generally useful packaging tips for Bubble Wraps

  • Conversely, loosely wrapping bubble wrap around an items means that not all parts of your product are protected.
  • The tighter you wrap an item in bubble-wrap, the less room the bubbles will have to compress (reducing the protection offered).
  • If you wrap fragile items with the bubbles pointing inwards – you may find that your items end up getting scratched. For items that are particularly vulnerable to scratching, considering wrapping in foam wrap first.