Bin liners / Plastic bags are one of the most essential and compulsory items for any household, office or factory. People usually buy the bin bags in bulk so that they do not have to step out on a daily basis. The garbage bags are disposed of daily and hence the reason to buy them in bulks.

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Australian Bin Bag & Bin Liner Supplier

Stanley Packaging offers an amazingly priced variety of bin bags, bin liners and garbage bags at very affordable prices. The smallest bin liner that you can purchase can hold 18 litres of trash. The maximum sized trash bag can hold around 240 litres of waste. They are available in three different colors, white, green and black. The black bin bag being the sturdiest one. The thickness of the bag increases the amount of garbage it can hold.

The bags are sturdy and do not tear off easily. The smallest garbage bag comes in a pack of 1000 bags. As the weight of the bin bag increases, the quantity of the bag in a pack is reduced to 100 pieces. These bin bags can hold the weight that they claim to be able to hold, and this makes the company a very reliable place to make the purchase.
Wholesale Price Bin Liners

Bin liners (or bin bags, garbage bags) can be purchased from anywhere, and many people are of the opinion that there is no particular concern about the quality and thickness of these bags since they are only there to be disposed of. Many wholesale shops including us sell these garbage bags, and people prefer to buy them at the cheapest rates possible.


We are one of the most famous and huge firms that sell bin bags, garbage bags, and bin liners at affordable prices. The reasonable prices are in no way a compromise between the quality and the bin bags are all sturdy and do not tear easily.

We offer great after sales service and welcome reviews from our clients so that they can further improve the business. We convey the dimensions of the bin liners on our website as well as our catalogues. Thus, people buying can make properly informed decisions about our bin liners. The bin liners from Stanley Packaging are one of the most sensible choices that you can make.

We can be easily reached on their landline that is (03) 8795 7876. The location of Stanley Packaging is 6/45 Technology Circuit Hallam, Melbourne Vic 3803.